Volunteer Abroad Programs in Asia are now available. Join one of the many volunteering projects in Cambodia, China, India, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam with WLS International, a leader for affordable volunteer programs in Asia. WLS International is a volunteer abroad organization and focuses only on Asia and has  programs available in wonderful destinations in several countries in Asia.

Volunteering Abroad in Asia

As a volunteer you have the opportunity to become a part of the communities of Asia’s developing nations in a very meaningful way. The end result is that you come away having had a positive impact in the lives of others in need.Doing a trip abroad in one of Asia’s many wonderful travel destinations is an experience that you will remember for a very long time. It will open your mind and make you grow as a person whilst helping those children in need. Working in an orphanage, teaching English at a school, helping disabled children, doing conservation work, volunteering with elephants; there are so many projects to choose from!

Overseas volunteers in Asia can enjoy a cultural immersion in the culture during their program abroad.


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